Henke and Adkins and ???; next
contest will decide top course

Old Kinderhook in Camdenton isn't just one of the golf jewels of the Lake of the Ozarks, it's considered one of the top courses in the area and state.

June 25, 2020

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. --- When our world started shutting down in March, only essential businesses were allowed to stay open.

Like grocery stores because we need food, drug stores because we need prescriptions, liquor stores because ... well, just because. Especially these days.

Just the essentials.

Like golf courses.

Really, golf courses? Essential? You bet, as sure as a hole-in-one is better than a hole in your pants.

The game and the course, of course, have built-in social distancing, you're getting fresh air and your own sanitized golf cart, if needed. It gave you time to get away from the virus and reacquaint yourself with the frustration the game has to offer after a long winter's nap.

If you play the game, you know Central Missouri is blessed with a lot of good golf courses. Not all are good, however, some are really good. Others are great.

Now, you get to decide the best of all.

The always entertaining Rod Smith has come up with another great idea to help fill our sports void --- KRCG's Fan Favorite Mid-Missouri Golf Course Bracket, a contest of 64 entrants set up like the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

We've had the bracket to decide Missouri's Greatest All-Time Sports Personality, and it was Tom Henke who benefitted from a huge homefield advantage to pull off the shocking upset. Henke won it all as a 16 seed, beating guys like Norm Stewart and Stan Musial along the way.

Next, it was the Mid-Missouri All-Time High School Coaches Bracket. Some order was restored, as overall No. 1 seed Pete Adkins rallied in the final 24 hours of the championship match to edge Ray Hentges in battle of Hall of Fame football coaches.

This golf competition is just like the first two, it will be decided in a voting by sport fans and KRCG viewers and readers. Voting for the first round is now open until 5:30 p.m. Monday, when the Round of 32 will be revealed. The link is: 


You're probably very familiar with some of the golf courses --- Jefferson City Country Club, Meadow Lake, Oak Hills and Railwood.

Others, probably not so much --- layouts in Warsaw, Belle and Viburnum. Familiar with those? Me neither.

What separates our area from many areas around the country is the gem just to the south of Jefferson City --- the Lake of the Ozarks and the myriad of great venues they offer.

Most consider the top of the Lake golf heap would include courses like Old Kinderhook, Porto Cima, The Ridge, The Oaks and Osage National. But all 13 of the courses featured in our contest are playable, scenic layouts that offer a challenge to players of all skill levels.

Twelve of the 13 are part of the Lake of the Ozarks Golf Trail  (Porto Cima is not), which is sponsoring the contest.

The Golf Trail allows you to put together packages that include both golf and lodging for great rates. It's an experience golfers from all around the Midwest take advantage of, so why not golfers in Central Missouri?

If you wanna get away --- and it's to the point where you consider it essential to do so for your health and sanity ---- it's a great option right under our noses, just a short drive away.

And in this case, a short drive is a good thing.

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