After weeks of flooding, Turkey
Creek back open for business

Chris Leuckel

July 3, 2019

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. --- North Jefferson City's evacuation was ordered by Mayor Carrie Tergin on May 22.

On the doorstep was flooding, the most unwelcomed of all visitors to old Cedar City. And this heavily cursed visitor --- and rightfully so --- still hasn't left in some areas.

Six weeks and counting. Beyond painful.

But there's some good news for one local business owner and local golfers ---  Turkey Creek IS OPEN.

Not quite completely, as the par-3 course is still closed. But the clubhouse, the Capital Bluffs Banquet Center, the driving range and other practice areas, and the miniature golf course are now open for business.

Finally. Thankfully. Mercifully.

"It's been pretty tough," Turkey Creek owner Danny Baumgartner said in a significant understatement.

This, of course, is the prime-time of year for Turkey Creek to be at its busiest. Instead, these waters have wiped away so many rounds of golf, so many buckets of range balls, so many events at the banquet center ... graduation parties, wedding parties, anniversary parties, and parties just for the sake of having a party.

Just imagine if this were your livelihood. Helpless, week after week after week.

Turkey Creek has actually been open for a few days, but most folks didn't know it.

"Nobody knows we're open because they keep advertising (saying) North Jeff City is closed up, stay away," Baumgartner said. "I understand what they're saying, they don't anybody over here rubber-necking and things like that.

"But people need to know that we're open over here."

Indeed they are, just in time for the 4th of July celebration. There will be plenty of activities at the venue Thursday, along with special food and beverages for you to enjoy.

And, of course, there's no better place to watch fireworks than the cozy confines of Turkey Creek. 

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After weeks of flooding in North Jefferson City, Turkey Creek Golf Center is back open for business.